Artists 音樂家

Gloria Shih 施儼珊博士
Pianist 鋼琴家

Taiwan 台灣

樂評家譽為” 情感豐富, 技巧精湛,對樂曲的詮釋恰如其分,優美而不誇張,同時巧妙的融合了真誠又獨特的個人特質。2005年獲得美國紐約州立大學音樂藝術博士。曾與多位知名音樂家合作獲邀於世界各地演出,深受好評。現任教於 Hofstra University 和 Montclair State University。

Gloria Shih is recognized for her diverse abilities as pianist and as a collaborative artist. In 2005, Gloria attained Doctor of Musical Arts Degree from Stony Brook University. She now serves on the faculty of Hofstra University and Montclair State University.


Ping and Ting

Duo Ping and Ting 娉婷鋼琴二重奏

Hong Kong 香港

The renowned “Duo Ping and Ting” are top prize winners of the International Piano Duo Competition-Bialystok in Poland, San Marino International Piano Duo Competition, Grieg A Deux Two Piano Competition in Norway, “Sommets Musicaux de Gstaad” International Music Festival in Switzerland and the 64th ARD International Music Competition in Germany. They have been performing extensively across Europe and United States, and collaborated with the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, the New Zurich Orchestra, the Bialystok Symphony Orchestra and the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. The twin sister graduated with full scholarship in the Hong Kong Academy for performing Arts and the University of Music, Theater and Media-Hannover in Germany.

雙胞胎姊妹周樂娉及周樂婷為香港著名的雙鋼琴演奏家。周氏已全額獎學金畢已全額獎學金畢業於香港演藝學院及德國漢諾威音樂學院,於2008  年 成立    娉婷鋼琴二重奏,是多項國際雙鋼琴比賽最年輕的華人得獎者,包括享譽歐洲盛名的德國ARD國際音樂大賽、波蘭國際雙鋼琴大賽、聖瑪利諾國際鋼琴比賽、挪威奧 Greig A Deux 國際比賽及瑞士的Musicaux de Gstaad國際音樂節; 演出足跡遍佈歐美各地, 曾與德國巴伐利亞交響樂團、瑞士新蘇黎世樂團、波蘭比亞理托夫斯基交響樂團及香港管弦樂團合作。


Pei-Ching Wu

Pei-Ching Wu 吳佩菁 
Marimbist 木琴演奏家

Taiwan 台灣

Internationally renowned marimbist, Pei-Ching Wu obtained her master’s degree in Percussion With dissertation entitled Extended Multiple Mallet Performance in Keyboard Percussion, which illustrates six-mallet techniques through two Taiwanese compositions, Wu earned her doctorate from West Virginia University in 2005. Her teachers include Tzong-Ching Ju, Keiko Abe, Robert Chappell, Richard Holly, Tim Peterman and Paschal Younge.

A founding member, Wu has served as Principal of the Ju Percussion Group since she was 18 years old and gives recitals regularly. In 1999, she was invited to perform with the Amadinda Percussion Group in Budapest Spring Festival. She also performed with Martha Argerich at the First Martha Argerich Music Festival in Taipei in 2001 and was featured in Asian Women Marimbists Concert at the 5th TIPC in 2005. In 2009, Wu was nominated for the 8th Taishin Arts Award with “The Glamorous Match”, a duet of percussion and piano. She was invited to perform at Marimba 2010 International Festival and Conference to critical acclaim. In 2012, Wu was nominated for the 10th Taishin Arts Award with her 2011 marimba recital “Wonderland”.

Presently, Wu is an Associate Professor of Music at the Taipei National University of the Arts, Senior member of the Ju Percussion Group and teaches at the National Taipei University of Education and Shih Chien University

以精湛的木琴演奏揚名國際的音樂家吳珮菁,畢業於國立臺北藝術大學,1994年獲美國北伊利諾大學打擊樂碩士學位、 2005 年獲頒美國西維吉尼亞大學打擊樂博士。 師事朱宗慶、安倍圭子、理查.何利、羅伯.崔伯及提姆.彼德曼教授。

吳珮菁為朱宗慶打擊樂團樂團創始成員、18歲即擔任樂團首席,多年來參與國內外演出超過3000場。經常舉辦打擊樂獨奏會,以木琴獨奏家身分受邀於世界各地演出並開設大師班講座,如 布達佩斯春季藝術節、 克羅埃西亞國際打擊樂節、 立陶宛國際藝術節、義大利國際打擊樂節、2010美國國際馬林巴琴高峰會、美國俄亥俄州世界舞蹈音樂節、比利時國際木琴大賽、2001台北阿格麗希藝術節、台灣國際打擊樂節、中國國際打擊樂節、法國巴黎音樂院、法國亞維儂音樂院、美國俄亥俄州立大學、中國廣州星海音樂院、山西大學等。






Yu-Wen Huang 黃郁文
Pianist 鋼琴家

Taiwan 台灣

Being a very active pianist playing in Germany, France, Spain, Japan and Taiwan, Yu-Wen Huang has been performing with renowned conductor including Marc Tardue, Lian-Chang Kuo, Yung-Ching Chen, Kai-Hsi Fan and Jia-Hung Zou, as well as collaborating with German Jenaer Philharmonie, the MND Symphony Orchestra, the Voice of Spring Symphony Orchestra, the TNUA Symphony Orchestra and other domestic and international performance groups. He graduated from the Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber Dresden in Germany in 2015, and was awarded Meisterklasseexamen, the highest performance with the unanimous acclaim of all the jury members. Huang is currently Assistant Professor at the Music Department of the National Taiwan University of the Arts.

畢業於德國德勒斯登高等音樂院,以全體評審委員一致通過的優異表現,獲頒最高演奏家文憑。黃氏演奏足跡遍及德國、法國、西班牙、日本、台灣等地。曾與著名指揮家Marc Tardue、郭聯昌、陳永清、范楷西、鄒佳宏,以及德國耶拿愛樂管弦樂團、國防部示範樂隊管弦樂團、春之聲管弦樂團、台北藝術大學管弦樂團等國內外演出團體合作。現為國立台灣藝術大學音樂系兼任助理教授。


Han Chi Ho - DSC_8774 - Credit Do-Hyung Kim

Chi- Ho Han 韓智浩
Pianist 鋼琴家

Korea 韓國

Born in Seoul, Korea in 1992, Chi-Ho Han is one of the most promising pianists of his generation.

Han is the winner of ARD International Music competition in Munich (2014), where he was also awarded all special prizes, including Audience Award and Best Performance on Commissioned Work. He also claimed championships at Seoul International Music Competition in Korea (2014), and at Kissinger KlavierOlymp, Germany (2013) with the addition of the Audience Prize. 

An equally keen interpreter on classical and contemporary repertories, Han has ranked himself among prize winners of the demanding Queen Elisabeth International Music Competition in Brussels (2016), the Gina Bachauer International Artists Piano Competition in USA (2014), International Beethoven Piano Competition in Vienna (2009), International Schubert Piano Competition in Dortmund, Germany (2011) and International Telekom Beethoven Piano Competition in Bonn, Germany (2011).

He has made successful concert appearances at prestigious venues across the continents, such as Golden Hall of Musikverein in Vienna (Austria), Herkulessaal, Prinzregententheater, and Gasteig in Munich, Gewandhaus in Leipzig (Germany), Zurich Tonhalle (Switzerland), Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille (Belgium), Seoul Arts Center (Korea) and Forbidden City Concert Hall, Beijing (China), and performed at important music festivals, including International Klavier-Festival Ruhr, Kissinger Sommer International Music Festival, International Rheingau Musick Festival, International Bodensee Music Festival, Musikdorf Ernen and Deer Valley Music Festival in USA. His recitals and orchestral performances have been recorded and broadcast live by major channels throughout the world. 

He has collaborated with Austrian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Brussels Philharmonic, Korean Symphony Orchestra, Munich Chamber Orchestra, Orchestre Philharmonique de Marseille, St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra and Utah Symphony (USA), among others.

Han studied at Seoul Arts High School in Seoul, Korea with Mrs. Jiae Kim and Prof. Kyeong Seun Pee, and earned his undergraduate degree with Prof. Arnulf von Arnim at the Folkwang University of Arts in Essen.

Obtained his Master degree in summer 2017, Han continues his Soloklasse (Solo-Artist diploma) at the University for Music, Theater and Media in Hannover, Germany under world-renowned pianist, Prof. Arie Vardi. He is also a student at the International Lake Como Piano Academy. His well acclaimed debut album “Chopin & Schumann: Piano Works” was released by Acousence Classics in early 2017. 


他曾於世界各地著名演奏廳獻藝,包括維也納金色大廳(奧地利)、 慕尼黑皇宮赫拉克勒斯廳、攝政王劇院音樂廳、萊比錫布商大廈音樂廳(德國)、蘇黎世音樂廳(瑞士)、布魯塞爾美術宮(比利時)、首爾藝術中心(南韓)及北京中山公園音樂堂(中國)等,亦獲邀於各類音樂節中演出,其中包括德國魯爾國際鋼琴節、基辛格夏季音樂節、萊茵高國際音樂節、博登湖國際音樂節、瑞士埃爾嫩音樂節,以及美國鹿谷國際音樂節。

他以獨奏者身份跟奧地利電台交響樂團、巴伐利亞電台交響樂團、布魯塞爾愛樂樂團、韓國交響樂團、慕尼黑室樂團、馬賽爾愛樂樂團、聖彼得德堡交響樂團及猶他交響樂團等合作過。各地電台及電視台亦曾轉播或直播他的專訪、現場演出及作品分享。2017年初,他首張個人專輯《蕭邦與舒曼:鋼琴作品》由Acousence Classics 發行,獲一致好評。

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