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明日之星 · 與愛同樂音樂會 Rising Stars Charity Concert

Rising Stars Charity Concert

日期及時間 Date and Time:2022-6-12 (3:00-5:00PM)

地點 Venue: 鰂魚涌英皇道1001號22樓  22/F, 1001 King’s Road, Quarry Bay.

購票及查詢 Ticket and Enquiry:6352 3384 / 5260 9689

乘著琴聲的翅膀 On Wings of Songs




詩有了音樂性便猶如乘著歌聲的翅膀,於浪漫旋律和李亞蒨的英譯詩朗誦下,與觀眾一同進入詩 人充滿想像力的愛情幻境中,與所愛的人悠遊世間最美麗的地方。

“On Wings of Song” (German: “Auf Flügeln des Gesanges”) is a poem by the German Romantic poet Heinrich Heine. It was set to music by the composer Felix Mendelssohn, and because of that it became widely praised.

With beautiful music performed by pianist Clarissa Wang and cellist Hsinhsin Chang, and a recitation by Grace Li of the English translation of the poem, you will be taken on an adventure to the poet’s imaginative world: the ancient and mysterious Ganges, a garden under the moonlight, and a starry night filled with the fragrance of violets, roses and jade lotus flowers. Let’s travel to the most romantic places in the world with our loved ones.

日期及時間 Date and Time:2021-12-10 ( 8:00 PM )

地點 Venue: 藝穗會奶庫 Fringe Dairy

鋼琴 Piano         王美慧 Clarissa Wang
大提琴 Cello      張馨心 Hsinhsin Chang
朗誦者 Reciter   李亞蒨 Grace Li


追。夢 百老匯之夜 I Hope I Get It – A Night of Dreams and Broadway Musicals



有人說「紐約是夢想的製造地」,但真是如此嗎?來自紐約的 Madeline 與 Leo 將帶來他們勇闖百老匯的故事,並用他們最擅長的方式唱出夢想,引領大家進入百老匯的音樂世界!


本場音樂會將安排多首百老匯膾炙人口的選曲,例如〈A Million Dreams 百萬個夢想〉(選自《大娛樂家》)、〈Audition (The Fools Who Dream)〉(選自《樂來樂愛你》)…… 等等,Leo 與 Madeline 將使出渾身解數,呈現經典與當代百老匯的風情萬種,帶領大家前往另一個國度,絕對讓大家有個難忘且餘音繞樑的夜晚。這將是一場不容錯過的音樂饗宴,門票有限,售完為止。

Have you ever Dreamed a Dream about something you’ve wanted so badly? They say New York is where dreams are made of, but is it? New Yorkers, Madeline and Leo are here to tell you their story about how they navigated their way into the industry and New York City in the way they know best: breaking out into show tunes.

Just like many who have lost their jobs due to the global pandemic, these artists have had their stage taken away from them. With the uncertainty of when they will be able to be under the spotlight again, they are so excited to be here back home to perform and unveil the aspiring charms of the Broadway world they fell in love with in New York.

Come see them perform some of Broadway’s most cheerful, and even melancholy songs. Featuring some of the most popular musical numbers, such as A Million Dreams (The Greatest Showman) and Audition (The Fools Who Dream) (La La Land), Leo and Madeline will be performing a showstopping arrangement of Broadway tunes– along with a sensational selection of contemporary ones– that will sweep you away into another world and leave you humming these songs for the rest of the night! Tickets are limited so get them while they’re still available; this is a show you won’t want to miss!


2021/04/14(三)20:00 露西亞咖啡Café Rossiya

2021/04/21(三)20:00 露西亞咖啡Café Rossiya


歌手 / 張祐寧、藍紫綾

音樂總監 / 郭孟玫

製作人 / 周加雯

吉他 / 雷昇

特別嘉賓 / 張雅涵(4/14)

特別嘉賓 / 薛定洲(4/21)


愛的二重奏 — 情人節音樂會 Valentine’s Day Piano Duo Concert

2019 Valentines Day Concert Poster



「當東方遇上西方」週日音樂會  “When East meets West” Sunday Concert

2019-2-17-Asia Society.png


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