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Clarissa Wang 王美慧
founder 創辦人




Critically acclaimed Taiwanese pianist Clarissa Wang is one of the most talented pianists of her generation. Completed her studies in piano performance and music education in University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, Clarissa performed in various cities including Vienna, Belgium, Rome, Riga, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Xiamen. In 1994, Clarissa was invited to join the concert series curated by music master Wu Jiza, toured in Europe with world-renowned pianist Fu Cong and Chen Pi-hsien as well as a team of famous vocalists and instrumentalists. She is active in chamber music, choirs and operas accompaniment and collaborated with National Concert Hall Opera Studio and Ya Yun Chamber Orchestra. She appeared in a number of major festivals including Urania Music Festival in Vienna.

An enthusiastic music educator, Clarissa taught in Hinterbruehl School in Vienna and Christian College in Taiwan.

In 2017, with strong passion to share music of Asian musicians, Clarissa founded “Andante Musica” in Hong Kong to create a Asian cultural circle on classical music and provide platform for emerging Asian musicians. “Andante Musica” has recently presented concerts including Korean young musician Chi Ho Han Piano Recital Asian Tour in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, Diocesan Girls’ School Taiwan Concert Tour, bringing new perspectives to the classical music spaces in Asia.

Honorary Advisors 榮譽顧問

Prof. Hsing-Chwen Giselle Hsin 辛幸純 教授
Miss Peggy K.Y. Wong 黃健溋

Administration 行政職員

Ms Gloria Wang 王美文

Cheng Yan Ho, Programme Officer 鄭恩浩 節目統籌

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